Once logging into the exchange, the member agrees that any information obtained in the credit exchange will be treated in strict confidence and is for the use of the credit department only. Under no circumstances will it be used for sales purposes or disclosed in any way to any non-member. It is understood that Canada Legal Referral gathers information furnished by others and disseminates such information to its members, without attempting to verify such information. Credit exchange will be for matters confined to information concerning history, ledger credit information and performance of accounts they supply. The members will neither request nor give any information on any future action they may take or intend to take with any account, nor will member provide future terms upon which they may sell or refuse to sell with any subject account in this exchange. Once members log into the exchange, they agree that no member is bound or under any obligation as a result of any information received from this credit exchange. Disclosure of any information on this site to any non-member will jeopardize their membership.